💡Learning never ends!💡
Life-Long Learning with SSPO postgraduate program with MAP-C (Mahidol Apprenticeship Program Curriculum)
SSPO is opening the course online/onsite allowing all prosthetists and orthotists to participate outside the campus. Three subjects will be taught for Semester 2, Academic Year 2022.
📍Course list and Course detail:
1️⃣ SIPO 546 Projects in Prosthetics and Orthotics [Onsite 100%] https://graduate.mahidol.ac.th/MAP-2021/CourseList.php?ID=2943
2️⃣ SIPO 547 Knowledge Translation in Prosthetics and Orthotics [Online 100%] https://graduate.mahidol.ac.th/MAP-2021/CourseList.php?ID=2944
3️⃣ SIPO 643 Advanced Human Movement Technologies and Rehabilitation [Online 100%] https://graduate.mahidol.ac.th/MAP-2021/CourseList.php?ID=2945
💡Online Application period: Now – December 31, 2022