Mahidol University has prepared the Outstanding Innovation Thesis Award for the fiscal year 2022 for master’s degree and doctoral students from all faculties/institutes/college who graduated in the academic year 2019-2020 and who graduated in the academic year 2021 (only those who have been approved for graduation from the University Council in the meeting of the University Council No. 572 – 575 (August – December 2021) to promote research production for an innovative thesis that has the quality and can contribute to the economic development of the country

Thailand 4.0 is a government-generated policy that focuses on transforming economic structure to “Value-based Economy.” This policy endeavors to encourage manufacturing sectors to produce high quality innovative products, to promote higher technologies and creativity in focused industries, and to upgrade service system by equipping workers with knowledge and high-value skills. ‘Innovation’ is the key term that is believed to help move the country forward. Thus, the aim of this model policy is to support the exploitation of innovations in all targeted sectors such as industrial sector, economic sector, agricultural sector, service sector, civil society sector, etc. Realizing the importance of innovation, the Faculty of Graduate Studies hence offers Distinguished Innovation Thesis Award, Fiscal Year 2022 to honor remarkable and excellent innovations of the students.