Channel to Contact FGS Staff

To enhance your direct communication with the Faculty of Graduate Studies, we are pleased to introduce our LINE contact as follows:
? Faculty of Graduate Studies LINE ID: @gradmu
? Academic Services Section LINE ID: @600qubzh
(Thesis, Thematic Examination / Thesis, Thematic Submission / Graduation Requirements)
? Language Center Section LINE ID: @693lascg
(MU GRAD Test / TOEFL ITP / Short Courses / GRID Courses / Abstract Checking)
? Registration Section LINE ID: @994uiyyv
(Course Registration / Certified Letter / Transcript / Extension of Study Period)
? International Affairs Section LINE ID: @946zzcot
(International Admission / VISA / AIA Insurance / Scholarship for Foreign Students)
? Student Affairs Section LINE ID: @451pslqw
(Scholarship/ Student Healthcare / Registration for Graduation)

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