104th Siriraj Medicine: Beyond the Best Practice
February 16-19, 2021 at Srisavarinthira Buildin, the Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital

It aims to convey knowledge and skills to internists, general practitioners, internal medicine residents, nurses, pharmacists, medical and public health staff, and science students. They can apply this knowledge and skills to treat their patients appropriately.

💸 3 Types of Registration Fee

1.Registration Fee (Onsite): 3,500 baht 

2.Registration Fee (Online): 3,500 baht

3. Free Registration for internal staffs at Siriraj Hospital who have the SAP ID (Only online participation)  *SIPH staffs are not included in internal staffs at Siriraj Hospital*

📝 Register via www.sirirajconference.com
Please note that: government staff and private organizational staff can register. The registration fee and other expenses can be disbursed according to the regulations of the Ministry of Finance. Also, participants can join the conference which is not considered as taking a leave when approved by a supervisor.