Shenzhen 2023 university of copenhagen

From November 6th to 10th, 2023, BGI College will collaborate with the University of Copenhagen to jointly host a 5-day advanced course workshop on High-throughput sequencing data analysis methods in Shenzhen BGI Center. This workshop is organized by the University of Copenhagen and hosted by BGI College, with experts from Aarhus University and Sun Yat-sen University joining the team of instructors.
We cordially invite your assistance in promoting this workshop and suggesting exceptional students, we are now open to global recruitment and inviting 30 students to participate in this workshop.
This workshop will bring together world-class bioinformatics teams from institutions including the University of Copenhagen, Aarhus University, Sun Yat-sen University, and BGI. The course will provide systematic instruction on the core methods and emerging technologies of bioinformatics in high-throughput sequencing data analysis. Topics covered include sequence alignment, variant detection, gene annotation, and biological pathway analysis. Ample hands-on sessions will also be provided to deepen participants’ understanding and mastery of theoretical knowledge through practical application.
Course Highlights:
Ø 5 ECTS points to earn.
Ø In-depth exploration of advanced methods for High-throughput sequencing data analysis.
Ø Comprehensive teaching by experts from top-tier universities.
Ø Theory and hands-on practice for mastering cutting-edge bioinformatics skills.
Ø Networking opportunities with peers worldwide, expanding your academic circle.
Ø Obtain certificates issued by BGI College and the University of Copenhagen.


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