Residency/Fellowship Training Programs

Admission Procedure

     The decision on admission is made by the program’s committee after careful consideration of all applications and supplementary documents (including a face to face interview or additional examination in some programs). Evaluation is based on a combination of various factors such as academic merit, academic degree and record, letters of recommendation, standardized test scores, and relevant work experiences.

     Other considerations may include the potential for future contributions to the academic or professional fields, the research interest of the professors involved in each degree’s program, the relevance of the academic preparation for the chosen course of study, the number of applications expected each semester, and the availability of an appropriate supervisor and institution’s resource, etc. As English is the medium of instruction, demonstration of English proficiency in the form of TOEFL/IELTS is also considered.

Residency’s Deadline: within the end of January, 2023 beginninig Academic Year 2023 (July 1 – June 30)

Fellowship’s Deadline: should submit the application at least 6 months in advance beginning program of academic year (negotiable)

Application Requirements

Completed an application which comprised of
Form A: Application Form 📁 
Form B: Background and Proposed Field  of Study 📁 
Form C: Recommendation Forms (directly submitted by at least 2 referees) 📁

    • 1 Copy of Cerificate of Education (with officially certified English translation)
    • 1 Copy of Academic Transcript (with officially certified English translation)
    • 1 Copy of Recent Photos (Passport Size)
    • 1 Copy of Passport
    • 1 Copy of English Proficiency Test i.e. TOEFL/ IELTS/MU Test (Optional)
    • 1 Copy of Curriculum Vitae
    • 1 Copy of Certificate of COVID-19 Vaccine

Health & Immune Examination Form with required documents as follows 📁

    • Laboratory Checkup Report
    • Chest X-ray report, not the film
    • Health Assessment Certificate
    • COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate

Others (Please specify)

📩 Download application form & submit required documents via and

📞 For further information: please contact K.Kantima Thiramon (Baimai), Tel. +662-419-6435 or the email above

Download Application Check List File 📁


  • During the course, a trainee will have to communicate
    with our patients who are almost Thai people from all over country.
  • A foreign trainee should study Thai language course for 3-6 months
    before the course start. Anyway, please contact with program director
    for Thai language requirement
  • ⚠️ Please submit all forms in format of .PDF ⚠️

Bilingual Programs

Tuition Fee

≥ 350,000 Baht/academic year (approx.)

Processing Fee

4,500 Baht (Only the first time when you arrive in Thailand. No return/refund)

Why Siriraj?

Graduate programs were established since 1962; which harmoniously coordinate Education, Research, Medical Services and Technology up to international standards. Also, Graduate Study’s researches are comprehensive from basic medical science to Clinical Research which has inner collaborations between each department. Pre-Clinic and Clinic for achieve to purpose altogether for apply a researches to use for diagnostic and treatments

🏢 Residentials

8-Rai Dormitory

1.Three persons/room
2. Dormitory deposit 3,000 Baht (Only first time)
3. Key deposit 100 Baht (Only first time)
**Dormitory and Key deposit are refundable when graduated**
4. No water charge
5. Free electricity bill for 50 unit
6. Accommodations
– Computer Room
– Fitness Room
– Living area
– Common Room
7. Others
– Golden Place Supermarket
– Phoofah Coffee Shop
– Wanglang Market

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