M.Sc. / Ph.D. Programs

Admission Procedure

All applicant must apply via Faculty of Graduate Studies’s website at www.grad.mahidol.ac.th


Application Periods

International Programs

Why Siriraj?

Graduate programs were established since 1962; which harmoniously coordinate Education, Research, Medical Services and Technology up to international standards. Also, Graduate Study’s researches are comprehensive from basic medical science to Clinical Research which has inner collaborations between each department. Pre-Clinic and Clinic for achieve to purpose altogether for apply a researches to use for diagnostic and treatments


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We have a lot of scholarship provided for graduate student

Our Research Facilities

Research and development has long been one of the most important missions for biomedical institutes, including the Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital. The Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital has many strengths and talents providing the opportunities for it to become a leading international institute in biomedical research. They are:
– Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital has built and strengthened the research capacity of personnel for longer than a decade.
– Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital has appropriate structures and systems for efficient research administration and management.
– Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital has areas of excellence in biomedical research and has been part of many large biomedical research networks.
– Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital has professional clinicians who are able to work closely with the researchers in basic biomedical disciplines for conducting multidisciplinary research.
– Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital has both national and international research networks.
– The Siriraj Center of Excellence in Biomedical Research is a 12-floor building with 30,000 square meter area which has been opened since 2011. The offices and facilities will available in this building.